The Most Amazing Feeling

My Journey as a Skillshare Teacher

To be honest I never though I could work as an artist, earn money by being creative. That at the beginning sound like a crazy thing to do. But I tested by posting my first class "Learn how to Draw 4 Different Owls". My boyfriend helped me, recording me while a drew. I'm blessed with him and how much he supports me. Its no easy to find the best position to capture your draw and let the student really see all the details they need to learn how to do it by themselves. Also, I was checking if the website really does pay. Then I discover, they only pay if you get 30 premium minutes watched. That increased my needed to find people enrolling my class, so I decided to make a new class called "Learn How to Draw Cartoon Faces".  Right now, this class is trending at skillshare because I got 26 students watching it. It does make me feel like I'm on the right track. I started posting my links on twitter, sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, G+, that much that I felt lik…

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